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June 2018:

State funded advocacy organisations have received written confirmation from the State Government that they will be funded until June 2021 to provide independent advocacy. 

Nine advocacy organisations across Queensland who collectively receive less than $2 million annually where at risk of having their funding ceased at the end of June 2019. This decision by the Queensland State Government would have denied people with disabilities access to an essential service.  
In the lead up to the 2017 State Election CAGQ launched the #AdvocacyMatters, a statewide campaign to fight for continued funding of independent advocacy organisations. Collectively and with the support of many we let all Queensland politicians know that #AdvocacyMatters
Prior to the election the Labor Government committed to ongoing funding for independent advocacy beyond June 2019 if
re-elected. Read More
At the beginning of this year Minister O'Rourke confirmed Labor's Government election commitment. Independent advocacy organisations will continue to receive the same level of state funding post June 2019. 

"Because sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control we are placed in disadvantaged situations and are unable to speak up for ourselves."

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